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12.00 Alfredo Cramerotti, the curator of this day, asks what the relationship between gossip and the history books is. Or between a shopping list and the future of industry in the digital age? Or between a general election and eternity? His all- female line-up of sparkling minds responds with thoughts and actions on recording, misreporting, mapping (time) and other niceties. 12.30: Cathy Haynes explores the improbabilities of temporal cartography. 13.45 Sally O’Reilly demonstrates the alien nature of historical speeches; 15.00: Tai Shani presents ‘registers’ of representation and an over-identifying actress. 16.15: Fay Nicolson digs up un-archived legacies of art education. 17.30: End of the week; finale with a concert by the Chicago Boys While We Were Singing They Were Dreaming – 1970s revival band and research group consisting of Hiwa K, students at the Rietveld Academie and friends.


12.00—12.30 Introduction

curator Alfredo Cramerotti

“Just as we place ourselves in relation to the universe by way of concentric rings of space – from home to neighborhood, to town, to district, to country, to continent to planet, to solar system, to galaxy – time too is made up of nested zones: today, last year, this decade, the last generation, next century, the ice age, the space-age future.”

Alfredo Cramerotti


Shadow Cabinets

12.00—17.00 Cinema

Program selected by Fay Nicolson in the context of her lecture performance for I TOLD YOU SO

Goldsmiths: But is it art? Episode 1, part 1, 15mins, 2010
Michael Corris: What Do Artists Know? 1hr 55mins, 2012
Robert Filliou, Teaching and Learning as Performing Arts (part 2), 37mins 27secs, 1979
Ken Robinson – Do Schools Kill Creativity? 19mins 29secs, 2006
Capturing the Relativity of Colour part 4, 1min 49 sec, 2011


12.30—13.30 Lecture

On Trying to Map a Life

Cathy Haynes

In 1759 Lawrence Sterne published the first volume of his novel The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman. But Shandy’s over-brimming autobiography takes two further volumes to explain the events that lead up to the moment of his coming into the world. Time and again we are brought to the brink of his birth before the tale swerves swiftly off again. The novel is a masterwork of folly, and a vital, irreverent, visceral mockery of the possibility of accounting for a life. It is also a satire on the newly popular idea that time itself is an entity that can be mapped – most neatly expressed in the book’s spoof map of its looping chapter plot lines.


Shadow Cabinets

Magic Mauss Hunt: a total prestation

Location: in the hallway

“What power resides in the object given that causes its recipient to pay it back?” (1990:3).



13.45—14.45 Lecture / Performance

Gearing Up

Sally O'Reilly

“O’Reilly proposes to make a film that re-scripts grandiose sources, employing the rhetoric of political power and technological might to tell of humble victories.”



15.00—16.00 Lecture / Performance

Headless / Senseless

Tai Shani

“To the oscillating rooms where the subjectivities of heroines deteriorate, swell and gush, to the eroded streets where the interiors of imaginary characters and that of the bodies that animate them overlap in impossible ways.”



16.15—17.15 Lecture / Performance

Marginal Notes / Curricular Documents

Fay Nicolson

“It is 2022. I am an artist researching the curriculum and history of a little known, independent art school that ran, in various guises, between 2013 and 2021. I have access to an archive of disparate material; traces of ‘real’ and digital correspondence and documentation. These myriad sources; from print outs of emails; audio and digital files; newspaper clippings; official and un-official biographic accounts, construct the fragmented aims, activities and legacy of a small group of individuals – who together, attempted to carve a path for a new generation of artists. Throughout its poorly documented yet tumultuous existence The Future School attempted to build on the pedagogic approaches of the near and distant past whilst responding to the demands and context of the ‘Teens’.


Shadow Cabinets

18.00 Concert
Chicago Boys

FINALE  of  WE ARE THE TIME : concert & drinks at F.I.R.E.I.N.C.A.I.R.O radiostation in the glass pavillion

Chicago Boys: while we were singing, they were dreaming… was originally commissioned by the Serpentine Gallery’s Edgware Road Project at the Centre for Possible Studies (, where Hiwa K was artist-in-residence. It has since developed in relation to the sites of Alternativa (Wyspa, Gdansk, Poland) (, Casco Projects ( and if I can’t dance, I don’t want to be part of your revolution (Holland) ( and The Arts Against Cuts Direct Weekend (London) among others.

Hiwa K invited students at the Rietveld Academie to join the project for the duration of this week.

Shadow Cabinets

Poetry & Art Workshop On Racism
Quinsy Gario & Kno'Ledge Cesare

Location: The Salon (free walk in)

13.00 Spray your own anti-Racism shirt

- Racism – Through the Eyes of History.
- Q&A

15.00 Spray your own anti-Racism shirt

- Moving Beyond Racism
- Q&A


Shadow Cabinets


Location: Downstairs behind the stairs

For those who like to read more on the topics related to WE ARE THE TIME the library sets up a reading corner each day near the gym next to the staircase. Quick snappers will get an overview of the relevant publications the library holds, slow flowers will have an opportunity to sit down and read.

Book of the day
East art map: contemporary art and Eastern Europe

In the West, virtually every move of the artist, the art market, and the art public is documented. But in Eastern Europe, no such system of documentation or communication exists. Instead, we encounter systems that are not only inaccessible to the West, but incongruous from one country to the next. Beside the official art histories there is often a whole series of stories and legends about “unofficial,” unapproved art and artists. East Art Map: Contemporary Art and Eastern Europe is an ambitious attempt to reconstruct the missing histories of contemporary art in Eastern Europe from an East European and artistic perspective. It is perhaps the widest ranging art documentation project ever undertaken by the East on the East, involving a large network of artists, scholars, curators and critics coordinated by the IRWIN group.


Shadow Cabinets


Location: Radiostation in the textile classroom

Throughout the week, different radio programs will take place with a variety of guests and a range of live musical acts (4 hours broadcasting every day).