The SHADOW is a thing that has always spoken to the imagination of people. It is a Doppelgänger who always follows you, everywhere you go. It is a space where that, which cannot tolerate the brightness of day, takes place. It is the night during the day. It protects us from the burning sun and provides a shelter where we can meditate and ponder. It is a platform for artistic expression and gives depth to our view of things. It is a space describing a second possibility. The space where alternatives can be nurtured until they are ready to step into the light.

The CABINET started its linguistic existence as a term for a room which served as a study or retreat, furnished with books and works of art.

We bid you welcome to the shady places of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie during the conference We Are The Time. Retreat to the Shadow Cabinets to ponder and meditate. Visit rooms furnished with videos, sounds, performances, books, poetry and other arts. Copy the alternative first!

In our Shadow Cabinets you will find the Pirate Cinema for Historical Contextualization, the F.I.R.E.I.N.C.A.I.R.O. Radio Station with daily broadcasts from the Rietveld Academie’s Glass Pavilion, a Soul Rebel Movement poetry workshop, a The Living Rooms discussion, a 3 hour lecture on film title design by Albert Wulffers, a search into the Metaphysics of Youth, We Are Neighbors (of the Rietveld Academie), ‘Chicago Boys While We Were Singing They Were Dreaming, a study group and 70´s revival band’, a Create Your Legal Identity -workshop by Heath Bunting, a World Question Transmission Center, and a Magic Mauss hunt. Shadow  Cabinets take place in the main building of  the Rietveld Academie  but outside of the Gym, where the lectures take place. The Shadow Cabinets offer you alternative activities and interventions on a more intimate scale. For some you of them will have to sign in, but most are open to all. Several Shadow Cabinets are designed by student workgroups that came into being during a series of We Are The Time-seminars. You will find detailed information about each conference day’s “shadow” program – always in the black rectangles.