Location: Radiostation in the textile classroom

Throughout the week, different radio programs will take place with a variety of guests and a range of live musical acts (4 hours broadcasting every day).

F.I.R.E.I.N.C.A.I.R.O. is a Live Radio/Event space inspired, in part, by the renowned Belfast independent record label, Good Vibrations. The project is a collaboration with the artist run space Goleb, the UK community radio station Soundart Radio (102.5FM), and the Gerrit Rietveld Academie’s very own Radio Rietveld.

Art and music have long contributed to society and our way of life. But in these dire financial times where media has been swallowed by giant conglomerates, and culture has fallen under the scrutinizing eye of market capitalism; where is the unifying space that announces its difference to the prescribed status quo? Throughout the history of popular culture, this collective space, appearing both physically and conceptually, has been a hub of creativity, exploring both new and old technologies and giving birth to new sounds and new vibrations. In Belfast, caught between the conflicts of its time, it was a little known record shop and label called Good Vibrations. Famous for producing the first record that was ever played twice in a row on British airwaves, it was also a space and a project that ultimately saw the potential of music to be a unifying force.

A little over a year ago it appeared that the Internet with its use of social media could be the free space where this difference could be heard; the apparent spark that lit the fires of the provincial town of Sidi Bouzid, that later reverberated to the cities of Cairo, London and New York. With the recent censorship laws being proposed on the Internet, our question as a group has been: If we could freely express ourselves, what kind of vibrations would we want to put out there? And the workgroup’s answer has so far been: F.I.R.E.I.N.C.A.I.R.O. which after all is an intense love song.

Throughout the week, different radio programs will take place with a variety of guests and a range of live musical acts. Follow the week’s events on Facebook. The entire project will also be streamed live on www.fireincairo.org. The streams will later be accessible through an archive on the website.

F.I.R.E.I.N.C.A.I.R.O. was initiated as the outcome of a work group tutored by Taf Hassam & Renée Ridgway

Coordination & Radio Hosting
Taf Hassam (UK), Kaja Wie Van Der Pas (NO), Maria Guggenbichler (DE)

Radio & Newspaper & Design
Carina Erdmann, Charline Tuma, Julie Hénault, Lilia Luganskaia, Lotte Voets, Mads Wildgaard, Marius Jopen, Melissa Tun Tun, Mickael Marman, Noga Harel, Øjan Døsen, Pernilla Roos, Sabo Day, Stefan Auberg, YURI AN, Vytautus Volbekas

House Band
Gerard Barry (IRE) + Charlie Stewart-Liberty (IRE)

Simon Ferdinando (KE), Natasha Ginwala (IN), Roel Griffioen (NL), Jakob Ehrlich (AT) + Many more