Location: Downstairs behind the stairs

For those who like to read more on the topics related to WE ARE THE TIME the library sets up a reading corner each day near the gym next to the staircase. Quick snappers will get an overview of the relevant publications the library holds, slow flowers will have an opportunity to sit down and read.

Book of the day
James Lee Byars – Eine Hommage / A Hommage

Exhibition Catalogue: James Lee Byars was not just an artist, he was a magician, a visionary and a dandy. He knew how to put his audience under his spell. Byars bombarded his friends and acquaintances with letters of all kinds, thus demanding constant attention, sometimes without ever having got an answer. These writings testify to an incredible virtuosity and creativity.”Im full of Byars” will facilitate a survey of the work of an artist who was constantly searching for perfection (The Perfect), who equated the ephemeral and immaterial with the material and permanent, and whose work has forfeited nothing of its mystery and poetry to this very day.

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