Location: The Salon/Classroom

On Thursday Aynouk Tan will elaborate on her practice as fashion connoisseur and her thoughts on temporality and self-identity.

Within the context of ‘We Are the Time’ and the literature that we have been reading in class we have been reflecting on what it means to be of one’s own time, what it means to be contemporary and to have a glimpse into the now and perhaps into the future.

In his text “What is the Contemporary” Agamben compares the ‘now’ with trends and fashion as positioned between the ‘no more’ and the ‘not yet’. What can one see while caught in a distress of time, between youth, memories and history?

The Hairsalon
It is unrevocable that hair and hairdressers highlight the passing of time. On the one hand hair marks the passing of weeks and months as it grows and our everyday habits such as food, environment, drugs etc are inscribed into it. On the other hand the hairdresser’s salon creates a time capsule almost outside of time, infused with story telling as the cutting is being done. That’s why we will recreate an unusual hair salon at the Rietveld on Thursday where next to cutting of hair facts and fictions, gossips and psychological analyses will be mixed with help of artist (and temporary hair cutter) Tjitske Hemkes and psychologist Roland Snoeren.

Student Workgroup tutored by Arnisa Zeqo & Laurie Cluitmans