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Artist and activist Heath Bunting shows how you create your own legal identity. As Bunting demonstrates, identities can be constructed over time by developing relationships to place a given “person” within a web of shopping cards, cell phones, bills, government correspondence, and other “personal” data. Identity Bureau challenges the idea of personhood by showing how materially produced an identity is. In Identity Bureau he will sell the off-the-shelf natural persons he has created, and advise on how to use or make one’s own Identity.

Heath Bunting is a British artist based in Bristol. He is the founder of the site and was one of the early practitioners in the 1990s of An activist, he created a dummy site for the European Lab for Network Collision (CERN) and works to maintain a list of pirate radio stations in London. Bunting has been commissioned and exhibited at a range of venues including Tate, London; The ICC, Tokyo; The New Museum, New York, The Banff Centre, Canada; Lovebytes Festival, Sheffield; Art Teleporticia, Moscow; The Arts Council England; Proboscis, London; The Watershed, Bristol and DA2, London, amongst others.