Location: Radiostation at the Textile department, Gerrit Rietveld Academie

The event We Are Neighbours is a proposal to extend conversations between the art school and its immediate locality within the contextual setting of a public conference: ‘We Are The Time.’ We find it vital to invite some of our neighborhood experts to participate in a collectively produced space where the issues of bearing witness to one’s time and constructing an image of Futurity are explored through hospitality, multivalency, productive ambiguity and humour.

We take as a notional mascot, the Viking figure – a misconstrued yet pervasive entity in popular culture, myth and folk history. The Viking creates an ambience of common ancestry, a sense of belonging through gene geography and an imagined tribe, yet it also hints at present-day dangers that lurk in such popular historicization and identity formations — violent other-ing, paranoid sociality and rising Right-wing sentiments that easily cast outsiders as vile beings to be treated with suspicion. All these factors are at play as we reach out to form a matrix of relations with those who live amidst us and attempt to chart propositions on our time and place in society.

Workgroup led by Natasha Ginwala

Participants & Organizers: Shauna Brown, Aisha Fouad, Michael Hautemulle, Cholena de Koningh, Max Kutschenreuter, Joost van Loon, Tamás Molnár, Olga Nordwall, Golrokh Nafisi, Liza Prins, Taro Lennaerts, Lovie Peoples, Stijn van Kervel, Kristoffer Petersen, Herman Pasakamp, Jesse Hoefnagel, Severin Bunse, Julie Cetti, Julia Hersckovits, Annika Kappner, Pipaluk Weinhold Andersen, Marije Seijn, Marlena von Wedel-Godens, Celina Yavelow, Sophie Roberts.