Location: The Salon

“As part of the Shadow Cabinets The Living Room(s) collective will host a session on collaboration and collective knowledge. Exploring different modes of collaboration inside and outside the art world, we will give a short description of our collaborative method using examples from our own practice. Then, we will invite the students to go through a process-discussion starting from the issues brought up by the students themselves. The session will last 3-4 hours (including two breaks) and participation is limited to 20 students only”.

“As a group we have been examining the notion/function of the ‘support structure’ in relation to creative, discursive and personal-political practices. In order to position ourselves within a field where ideas are being communicated (verbally, visually, sensibly) the ‘making’ of time is essential. The group have decided to employ a number of Oblique Strategies during the course of the symposium which aim to create moments of worthwhile thoughtfulness by visitors and fellow students. Based on Brian Eno’s editions of dilemma-breaker cards, these strategies become subtle supporting structures for active reflection on desires, misunderstandings, intentions and “errors” in the context of this intensive week.”

Student workgroup tutored by Clare Butcher