Location: Downstairs behind the stairs

For those who like to read more on the topics related to WE ARE THE TIME the library sets up a reading corner each day near the gym next to the staircase. Quick snappers will get an overview of the relevant publications the library holds, slow flowers will have an opportunity to sit down and read.

Book of the day
Escape the overcode: activist art in the control society

This publication contains a selection of texts and essays by the writer Brian Holmes that engage with the possibilities and problematics of geopolitics and geopoetics. Holmes is a crucial contemporary writer and thinker whose insight into current social and political developments and how they relate to artistic processes opens up a new field of “geocritique”. The examples he cites extend across Latin America, Europe and Asia, where he looks at networks, artworks, films, institutions and protest movements for signs of how future progressive strategies might be shaped. The texts here are connected in part with the long-term collaborative research project Continental Drift.

+ www.halfletterpress.com